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The DIARY Gina Sedman



8/ 10      25:50m       2021 

NR - Drama | Family | Inspirational | No Violence  Profanity  | No Nudity

The Diary

empty nesters and longtime married couple, Bryce and Sherry Smith who struggle to find the love that once was. Although Sherry tries desperately to get Bryce’s attention by resorting to the sexy red dress bait, she soon realizes that their marriage may be too far gone. One day, while Bryce is home alone, he spots Sherry’s sacred diary. Although he knows it’s wrong, he can’t resist the gravitational pull on his curiosity to take a sneak peek at his wife’s deepest darkest secrets. Bryce will soon find out that snooping has serious consequences. Once Pandora's box is open, what will Bryce do about what he finds out written in the pages of “The Diary”. "The Diary" is a family faith-based movie about the dangers of being too busy for the ones we love.

Starring:   CStacy Casaluci & Michael Keller

Director: Gina Sedman Writer: Gina Sedman Producer: Gina Sedman

Written , Produced & Directed by:   Gina Sedman

The Star Connection

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