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Gina Carey Films, “Billy Jones “Starring, Marcus Lantero & Carol Latham, to Air on The NDME TV N

Gina Carey Films, a partner of GNA Universal Media, announces the 1st Episode of the “Behind Closed Doors” TV Drama Series, "Billy Jones" on August 12, 2020

Gina Carey Films in association with GNA Universal Media is set to premiere the 1st episode from the “ Behind Closed Door” series, “Billy Jones”, Staring, award-winning actor, Marcus Lantero, known for his roles in “The Assumptions, The One Year Pact, Rose England, Acts of Kindness and The Star Connection and “Carol Latham, which is her debut movie performance. "Billy Jones" will premiere on the NDME TV Network, (a partner of GNA Universal Media), on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, at 7 pm.

Gina Carey Films 1st TV Drama Series, "Behind Closed Doors”, are a series of 15 to 30-minute fiction based dramatic shorts depicting real-life experiences that everyday people encounter daily behind the closed doors of their own homes.

“The Behind Closed Doors” Short Series will kick off with the 1st Episode, Billy Jones” Starring Marcus Lantero and Carol Latham. “Billy Jones,” tells the story of a man Billy and his patient, loving and supportive wife Paula, who are both living the “American Dream”. Never mind keeping up with the Jones, they are the Jones, and Billy takes great pride in that.

Billy Jones has it all! The fancy cars, the dream home, the business he always wanted, and the trophy wife until COVID-19 strikes! In this chilling tale where the scrooge-like (Billy Jones) meets Covid-19, prideful, arrogant Billy will learn the most valuable lesson ever, but will it be too late.