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Gina Carey Palm Springs California’s First Black Female Filmmaker

Palm Springs First Black Female Filmmaker, Gina Carey Makes Black History

All through the era and genre, history is made continuously in the American movie industry, Hollywood – The oldest film industry where several styles of movies and production companies emerged. Several prominent actors, directors, editors, and filmmakers have come up to hold the mandate and will to create the perfect atmosphere during the period of movie production. Every one of these people has their roles to play for the successful completion of any movie from the Storywriter to the Director and then the Actors. Let’s not forget the Cameramen and Editors too; they are all essential parts of the process.

Despite each cast and crew have their specific roles to play during movie productions, some people have two or more job descriptions such as the filmmakers- In layman’s terms; anyone who can tell a story with a camera. However, don’t we all have a story to tell? It is how we show them that determine people’s reactions, whether good or bad. So, there is more to just saying a story. As a filmmaker, they are trying to say something that they would like to see hence create it into existence that is unique- the uniqueness which is often up for debate. They are one who can lead with a goal and vision to fulfill the collective purpose. They are involved in the scripting, budgeting, casting, hiring, pre-production, production, post-production, release processes, all the behind the scene works, but in some cases, some even appear on the scene.

The history of film making began with the Lumiere brothers in France; Auguste Lumiere and Louis Lumiere and Edison in the US. They are said to be the first filmmakers in history- from their innovations to their narrative film making and over time through civilization and technology, we have seen several records of success stories of different filmmakers among the different genres, race, gender, social and religious boundaries. We now have several movies and short plays that are ensured to keep the viewers glued with best casts, graphics, locations, and storylines - special thanks to the filmmakers who continually oversee the movie from the development stage to the finished product. The saying; ‘There is so much to do now, but only few time is left’ is correct when it comes to Hollywood and film making as different movies are released daily touching different story, group, beliefs, age, and fantasy, but we have only about 5 hours of free time per day. Not enough to watch all our favorite movies and it is even harder to select what to view from the hundreds available to us!

Gina Carey; Making history against all odd –