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Gina Carey Films to Produce 2 New Feature Films in 2018, " Rose England & Acts of Kindness&


From the writer of The Unexpected, Assumptions, Aspire to Inspire and The One Year Pact, Gina Carey, Gina Carey Films now brings you 2 more extraordinary films , Acts of Kindness & Rose England.

Acts of Kindness is a family dramady about 3 mysterious Superheros that go around doing Acts of Kindness in their community. Although their intentions are completely innocent, will the community’s misconceptions of their appearance and unwavering assignment blockade their final mission?

"Rose England", is a riveting thriller/ drama about the life of “Rose England” the CEO of the multi-billion dollar cosmetic company, England Cosmetics. Growing up in a less affluent household, Rose will soon find out just how far her avaricious mother Rita will go to change the course of their lives. Award winning screenwriter, Gina Carey takes you on a roller coaster ride of suspense and intrigue as she gradually brings to light the complex life of Rose England.

​Gina Carey Films will begin production starting February 24 and will continue filming throughout the summer of 2018. Both movies will premier in 2019

Acts of Kindness Poster

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