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Gina Carey Films, Newest Feature Film, "The Assumptions" to Premiere at The Camelot Theate

Gina Carey Films in association with Gico Music is set to premier, The “The Assumptions” at “The Camelot Theaters”, 2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262, on Monday, February 27, 2017 at 6pm.

“The Assumptions”, is a suspense drama that follows the life’s journey of Moses, a newborn baby abandoned to the streets by his 14 year old mother and Ethel, the homeless woman who finds and raises him.

“The Assumptions”, written, produced and directed by Gina Carey, has several underlining messages that will cause viewers to reexamine their thought processes on many common misconceptions.

Gina Carey, Chairman and CEO, Gina Carey Films and Gico Music said: “This film exposes the many assumptions people make daily about all sorts of things without having solid facts. “I always say, get your facts before you act .This film will clearly define this profound statement. The Assumptions will expose the woes of bitterness, intrusive curiosity and pride. This film highlights the seriousness of our choices and how they can directly impact the lives of others and the dangers of holding on to the past and not simply being satisfied with Gods provision.”

Gina has an unquenchable passion to produce clean cinema, free of sexual and profane content. She hopes to use her gift of screenwriting to inspire, encourage and shine the spotlight unpopular social issues that impact our society today. Her ultimate goal is to bring a message of hope and light through cinema.

Not only is the CEO of Gina Carey Films & Gico Music a Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Editor & Cinematographer, she is also an accomplished Recording Artist & Music Producer with over 12 Albums recorded and 3 #1 singles on the UK Charts since her professional career began in 1996.

Her accolades include (2006,BMA winner “Best Gospel Artist, (2012, Marker Broadcasting “ Rising Stars of the Desert “Best Jazz Music Artist Award), (2015, GHP Virtual Music Awards, Best Single), ( 2015 , 2016, CV Music Award for “Best Contemporary Artist". On August 31, 2016 Gina was selected as one of the “Top 12 Most Influential and Interesting Women” in the Coachella Valley by CV Weekly.

Her credits also include, author & publisher of her own book "The Unexpected, writer, director and producer of 3 Christian stage plays (The Ripple Effect (2003), What Would You Do (2009), and The Spirit Killer (2015) and web series “Tell my story”, a web series geared to exposing the talents of undisclosed & independent artist

“Gina Carey Films. Her current filmography includes, “The Unexpected” (Feature Film, February 2016), “Aspire to Inspire” (Documentary, June 2016) and “The Assumptions” (Feature Film, February 27, 2017).

“The Assumptions” Staring cast includes, “Brian Moore (The Unexpected, The Spirt Killer and Blur), Diana Hintergardt and Joan Hangarter. Co Staring, Marcus Lantero , Domingo Winstead , Jason Hackett , Delyn Meyers , Steven Ciceron (Creed, The Haunting, Orange is The New Black, The Americans, Blue Bloods) Marci Krown, Shelby Winstead, Francesca Zabata and Mary Electra. Additional cast include, Terrence Coleman (Mice and Men, The Hobbit) Alexis Spencer, Deborah Givens, Aria Anastasio, Sue Neal, Rikk Hart, Roy Boucher, Denise Strand and John Craig with guest appearances by Guitarist John Carey and Barry Mannifield (Hollywood’s Singing Chef, NBC’s The Voice). The films Executive Producers include Gina Carey Films, Gico Music, John Carey, The Fisherman's Market and Grill and Philipa and Walter Combs.

The formal red carpet arrival step and repeat ceremony will begin at 6pm at “The Camelot Theaters” followed by the theatrical screening of “The Assumptions”. The formal event will conclude with an after party reception immediately following the conclusion of the viewing. Ticket go on sale on December 1st and can be purchase online at / or at the Camelot Theaters, 2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262. Formal and after 5 attire is suggested. This event is open to the public.

For additional information contact or call (760) 678-5815

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