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Gina Carey's New Movie " The Assumptions" Trailer

The Assumptions follows the life’s journey of Moses, a newborn baby abandoned to the streets by his 14 year old mother and Ethel, the homeless woman who finds and raises him.

Ethel is a God fearing woman whose life suddenly takes an unexpected turn when she accidentally witnesses a desperate teenage girls attempt to hide her living secret from your abusive parents.

Although homeless, Ethel’s motherly instincts kicks in as she sees this as the perfect opportunity to satisfy her need to be loved and love in return.

She manages to hide her secret from everyone including her nosy and half-crazy best friend, Myrtle.

As tome progresses, Ethel equips Moses with all the necessary tools to both physically and spiritually survive in their uncertain world, but when Moses becomes of age, will continue on the moral path that his mom set before him or will he detour?

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