GNA Universal Media Partner, "Indie Soul Radio" Adds New Shows With Greater Diversity

Since the launch of Indie Soul Radio, the station has grown exponentially. CEO/Owner , President, Gina Carey has recently partnered with veteran DJ and ex B boy, Andrew Sedman, who is also the stations manager. The station has a global reach but is broadcasting from both the UK and US. Indie Soul Radio has experienced DJ's with high quality programming. The Stations DJ's play a variety of styles including gospel, soul, R&B , Jazz , Funk , Christian Hip Hop, Old School Hip Hop , Independent Soul Music and Vinyl.

Shows: DJ Prone's Vinyl Destination , (UK) , Power Jamz w/ Reggie Rogers , Glorious Grooves w/ Gina Carey and 50 Shades of Soul w/ Pete Meadows (UK) tune in for weekly 24/7 music. Visit

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